Transformational Hoop Dance

Fire for Book Release Party!

No, we weren’t burning books, I promise! On December 18th, My long time friend Kathy Cottle had a book release party for her newly published book; ‘Halfway’ (see side link for further info). I had promised to try out my very newly acquired fire hooping skills for the event. It was of course quite cold and I had to be sure not to wear any flammable clothing, so a little good old Value Village thrift store rummaging awarded  me with the leather top and pants that kept me warm enough what with the flames spinning around me and all (which gave me a distinct advantage over my audience who braved the elements for the show). In spite of the weather and trying to fire hoop on a slanted driveway, it was all and all quite fun and a great way to get some practice in!

Thanks Kathy for hosting and Jen for the photos! (video to follow)

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