Transformational Hoop Dance

On Fire for the New Year

What better way to start 2011 than to set myself on fire?! I can’t think of a better one!

Just after 12 am on January 1, 2011 I lighted up my fire hoop and put on a little fire show for my family in their driveway. Not sure what the neighbors thought but they were setting off some fireworks so I fit right into the scenery.

Goals for the New Year:

Continue playing with Fire.



Practice and perfect new hoop techniques.

Start up hoop classes in my neighborhood (Takoma Park) to share what I have learned with ya’ll.

Undergo physical, spiritual and emotional transformations.

Undertake fascinating journeys in above mentioned categories.

Break old destructive patterns and replace them with constructive ones.

So, off with the OLD, on with the NEW, and INTO THE HOOP!!

Full of Fire

Lots of ‘hoop love’ and ‘hoopiness’ to all for 2011! YEAH! HOOP HOOP HORRAY!

Keep Your Fire Burning Bright!

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