Transformational Hoop Dance

Hooping in Hawaii!

Ahhh Hawaii. At last. I had dreamed of coming here most of my life and finally managed it. Was very difficult to pull myself away after my two weeks. First week on the Big Island and Second on Kauai. I hooped daily and fire hooped on several occasions as well. Swimming, kayaking, diving, boating, snorkeling, hooping and eating fish every day.. Tropical fruits and swimming with sea turtles, dolphins and whales jumping out of the water by our boat. Could not ask for more. Except there WAS more!
I got to revisit with my mentor Anah AKA Hoopalicious as my trip happened to over lap with another mentor retreat she was hosting on Kauai. I was kindly invited to hoop with her and local hoop goddess Skylar along with Anah’s mother Fran (AKA ‘Mamalicious’) and her hoop partner Rayna and a few hoopers from the workshop at their last hoop jam on the island. Fantastic times!

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