Transformational Hoop Dance

At Peace with Pele

My first day in Kauai after my Big Island adventures and dancing on fire for Pele I went exploring. I drove north to the ‘end of the road’ (literally the ‘highway,’ a two laned road) which basically dead ended at this beach. Ke’e beach sits serenely next to the beginning of the majestic Na Pali cliffs. (‘Na Pali’ means ‘the cliffs’ so even though Na Pali cliffs is redundant it is commonly referred to this way.)

It was almost evening by the time I arrived and seeing all the beautiful white sand with the cliffs right there, well I just had to hoop! And hoop I did, all over the beach, splashing in the water. A lot of tourists stopped to take photos and video I think. But I was just in my own hoop universe (or ‘hoopiverse’ as some hoopers playfully call it). Sheer bliss. I just took a very quick dip after my dance as I was trying to heed all of the danger signs along the beach in re. to deadly currents and the like. I did see some others in the water snorkel spear fishing it looked like. But I heard afterward that it is not safe to swim at that beach, esp. in winter, as even though the waters can appear to be very calm, there is a large key hole in the reef there through which a very strong current has sucked out a number of tourists into the ocean beyond never to return.

I also discovered later reading my guide book that this beach is where legend has it that Pele had a house where she lived with her lover a chief (forgot his name). I later found I had been given the ‘Pele’ room at my guest house with a painting of her rising up out of the volcano on the wall and everything decorated in firey reds.

So it seems I just couldn’t get away from Pele, which was all right by me.

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