Transformational Hoop Dance


It’s been quite a while since I have posted anything. I thought that it would be good timing as we approach this year’s WORLD HOOP DAY on 12/12/12.  2012 has been a year of emergence for me as an artist both for my hoop dance and my music. (I am a fairly new singer/songwriter.) In 2012 I have performed for kids shows at the famous National Theater in downtown DC and at Jamm’n Java in Vienna, VA. I also could be seen out and about at various street and music festivals in town, such as the Takoma Park Folk Festival and this year’s Figment DC at Naval Yards waterfront. I had a solo act for the first ever Takoma Cabaret (now an ongoing monthly event) at El Golfo restaurant in Sliver Spring and was invited back for another show. In addition to these venues I made an effort to make it out to Meridian Hill (aka Malcolm X) park in DC for the weekly Sunday drum circles and can currently be found hooping it up at our local Wednesday night Drum Circle Jam at the Electric Maid in Takoma Park, hosted by the amazing percussionist Katy Gaughan, as well as some local fire spin jams and a weekly hoop jam in Mt Rainier hosted by the amazing ‘Hooping Powers’. If all of that hasn’t kept me busy enough I found time to add about 10 more songs to my ever growing song collection, play out at various open mics (and also at the Takoma Cabaret) and am currently in the process of recording my first demo CD.  All this emergence has not come easily and may have actually come about because of the shifting energies I have been experiencing within myself during this past year. So much inner work going on and so much upheaval. It’s been very trying at times but ultimately rewarding and healing. I know many others have been experiencing personal shifts in their inner lives and have also had the experience of this energy forcing it’s way out into artistic expression. It’s as if the need for outlet of these energies has been so powerful it’s been pushing it’s way out by any means necessary. It’s felt like something beyond ourselves, greater than the individual. At times an outlet but at other times it’s felt like a channel of outer energies moving inward. This past month or so has been particularly intense for many people I know including myself. So many questions about our purpose, our life path. Revisiting old wounds or stories that aren’t serving us anymore. Throwing out the old baggage, unburdening and releasing. Shedding what needs to be shed. Emerging so that we can be ready for the start of a whole new calendar, a whole new way of being. I have been meditating on this shift during my hoop practice these days. The words, ‘shift, channel, emerge, open, flow..’ have allowed me to let go more during my practice and allowed my body to move more freely, more easily, holding on less, trusting more, trusting a power greater than myself to move through me and in doing so transform me. My hope is that we can all allow and trust this shift and grow in light, love, beauty and peace for 2013. Let’s all  SHAPE-SHIFT into the new year!

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